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Transport to nearby islands

Watertaxi service to Aegna-, Prangli-, Keri-, Aksi and Naissaar island.

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Aegna island

We take you to Aegna in just 5min and when you want! Follow us in Facebook to see boat times!

To Aegna we can take you in just 5min. We offer secure and fun trasport to Aegna when you want to go. You can choose the time when you come back.

For groups we offer fast transport. It´s  also suitable for kids and pets. In just 45 min we are able to take 100 people to Aegna island from port Rohuneeme.

For groups we can offer food, drinks and accomodation on Aegna Aegmiralimaja.

Prices from 80.-+VAT EUR one way (10pax), 90 Eur+VAT 12pax boat.


 Historical Naissaar island

We can take you to Naissaar in just 20-30 min.

Are you interested to have fast and fun transport to Naissaar Island? We can take you to there whenever you want when there is no ice on the sea. 


On the island we can organize for you Military truck excursion with guide (in english, finnish, estonian, german or italian langugage). Its possible to have nice meal on the island or stay overnight on local guesthouse.

There are lots of events by Nargenfestival during summer.

prangli autosafari.jpg

Prangli Island

Interesting, historical and fun

With our 3 RIB boats we can take 34 people to Prangli in 40 minutes. We give you contacts for excursion, food, accommodation or sauna on the island. 


Prangli island is very interesting and there live about 60 people. The history and nature is something you shouldn´t miss when travelling to Estonia.


Other seaside places

Ports, restaurants etc

We can take you to some seaside restaurant, hotel or port. It is always fun to arrive in such different way. We can even take you to Finland if you wish. We can also put the boat on trailer and take it to the waterfront place for your event and arrange sea safaries or transport to island over there. We also have towable banana for 5 people that can make your event more fun and memorable.

Send us quota with your number of people and place and we can send you the ideas to have most of our services. We have experience sice 2004 and we can help you to make your best event.


Keri- ja Aksi Islands

Lonely and uninhabitet

Both Keri and Aksi island are just about 45-60 min from our post Rohuneeme. These islands dont have port, so we can take you there only when there is no wind.

Keri Island (3,1Ha) is one of Estonia’s northernmost islands (~ 30 km from Tallinn). It is located in the Gulf of Finland, near Prangli island not more than 6 miles north. 

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