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We offer boat and ship transport to different islands: Aegna-, Prangli and Naissaar offers professional and secure RIB boat and ship transport to different small islands in Estonia. 

We also offer fun and full of adrenaline trips on Tallinn Bay - RIB safaries.

We have:

- 2 RIB type boats: 10 and 12 pax, for safari 8+12pax.

-Hoovercraft for 6-7pax.

-Motorship "Liisa" for 30 pax to Aegna 

In addition, you can order from us all kinds of entertainment – it can be summerdays, corporate events, client motivation trips, training, holiday trips, birthday events, stag nights, surprise party etc. Together with our partners we can organize you seminars and conferences on the island with accommodation, entertainment and catering.

In addition to your event on sea we can offer two privet places with luxurious food near sea. Our Captainhouse with sauna in Viimsi and Admiralimaja (Admiralhouse) on Aegna island (5 min from Viimsi).

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