Our boats

Fast, Safe, Seaworthy, Fun

12-pax Tornado

Seats with amortization

Our fastest and most comfortable boat. It has got 10 comfy seats with specially designed amortization systems, so that riding on big waves is softer and fun. The maximum speed is up to 100km/h. 2 extra seats at the back of the boat.

 Tornado has got 2 powerful 275HP Mercury engines. The lenght of the boat is 12 metres.

12 pax Cobra

Fast, comfy and can take all your luggage

Our 12 pax Cobra can take people and also their things to requested place. There is big space for all your things in fron of the boat. It has got dual seats for 12 people in total.  üksteise taga.

Cobra has got 300HP Suzuki engine that can make up to 75km/h..

Fast, Black and James Bond alike

FBI 007 Bombard

FBI 007 is our smallest boat. It has got 8 seats + 2 standing places extra if you go to some island. Its ideal to have safari or transport to isands when its too windy. The lenght is 7,2 metres. FBI has got  200 HP Honda engine.

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