island of Keri

Keri Island is one of Estonia’s northernmost islands (~ 30 km from Tallinn). It is located in the Gulf of Finland, near Prangli island not more than 6 miles north. Keri island has an area of just 3.1 hectares. Keri is low and covered with cobble stones, gravel and sand. Plenty of rocks in the sea are surrounding the island. Keri was mentioned documentary for the first time 1623. 1719 became on instruction of Zar Peter I (Peter the Great). a lighthouse establishes (considered the oldest house in two). The today’s lighthouse was taken 1803 in enterprise and strengthened 1857 with a metallic essay. Since the way course of the last lighthouse attendant 2003 the island is uninhabited.

Between 1906-1912 a local beacon worked on natural gas, as well as all the island’s houses.
For the first time in the world for the gas used to light the lighthouse. Began to work the first natural gas-fueled stove in Estonia.

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