Aegna island

From our port Rohuneeme it only takes about 7 minutes ride with RIB boat to Aegna island.
In summer our RIB boats take people to Aegna island on basically every day, thereby given the opportunity to visit the island alone or in small groups. This year we take reservations only. If you are interested to go with couple of people then send us your request anyway and we will try to book you together with another group. We then let you know the first opportunity to travel to the island. There is also a minimum fee we take you to the island, no matter how many people. Aegna is a popular destination for day and camping trips, and has around 15km of walking routes.

Aegna is an Estonian island located in the north-eastern part of Tallinn Bay next to Viimsi peninsula. It´s about 14 km from Tallinn, but from Rohuneeme port it is only 3.5 km. Aegna area is 3 sq km, 10 km length of coastline with 2 sandy beaches, the highest point is 12.8 m above. Administratively it is part of the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and is a sub district of the Kesklinn (Town Center) district.

Historically Aegna has been used for military purposes, and military remains that can still be seen include those of a military watchtower, a large gun battery with underground tunnels, and the light railway used in its construction. From year 1957 Aegna´s the diverse nature, different sights and interesting history here has attracted holidaymakers. The island has got a large number of boulders and former defense facilities. There is also an old cemetery, stone maze, labyrinth. Aegna is landscape conservation area and there are three walking trails and official fire-making camping sites.

On the island you can rent audio guide, eat in the local guesthouse, camp, rent sauna etc.

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